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Poultry farm Ussuriyskaya — tradition since 1976

The factory is located on a 350-hectare property. The first phase of the Ussuriyskaya poultry farm for 550,000 laying hens was built and put into operation back in 1976. The poultry farm was created with Soviet thoroughness and scope, and by 1990 the livestock had grown to 1 million 200 thousand industrial herds. Up to 265 million eggs were produced per year. Since 2003, the factory has been actively modernized, built and put into operation:

  • two poultry farms for 300,000 laying hens each,
  • workshop for the production of complete feed,
  • three new egg sorting and packaging lines,
  • shop for the production of organic fertilizers from bird droppings.

Ussuriyskaya Poultry Farm LLC is located in the city of Artem, Primorsky Krai, Russia.
Located in close proximity to the cities of Vladivostok (60 km), Nakhodka and Port Vostochny (120 km), a three-hour drive from the Russian-Chinese border checkpoint, the territory of the enterprise has rich logistical opportunities.

The organization is engaged in the production of eggs, meat products and fertilizers.
Ussuriyskaya Poultry Farm is the only large egg producer in Primorsky Krai. Egg is the main product manufactured by our company. Also, our organization, the only one in the Primorsky Territory, is engaged in the production of high-quality organic fertilizer, the need for which is experienced by agricultural enterprises in Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia.

The enterprise has the following operating workshops and services:

  • hatchery for 600 thousand hatching eggs
  • feed shop with a capacity of up to 120 tons of complete feed per shift
  • storage warehouses for raw materials with a capacity of up to 3,000 tons of grain and up to 2,000 tons of packaged goods
  • warehouses for storing up to 15 million eggs and up to 150 thousand tons of frozen meat products
  • tractor fleet for 105 vehicles
  • technological boiler house
  • egg powder drying shop
  • slaughterhouse
  • shop for the production of organic fertilizers with a capacity of 600 tons per month
  • equipped veterinary and production laboratories

Production figures

Production per year:

140 million eggs

275 tons of meat

140 tons of egg powder

7200 tons of organic fertilizer

62 tons of offal

Product quality control in the production laboratory:

The main goal of Ussuriyskaya Poultry Farm LLC is the production of tasty, high-quality products that have passed strict veterinary and sanitary control in accordance with approved state standards. The factory has its own production laboratory, the main task of which is to control the compliance with the quality and safety of manufactured goods. Products are tested using modern high-tech equipment. Thanks to the work of our employees, only high-quality and fresh products appear on store shelves.