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In harmony with nature

Company Ussuriiskaia poultry farm” LLC, created in 2003 is the only manufacturer of high quality organic fertilizer in the Far East, the need for which is experienced by agricultural enterprises in Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia.

The fertilizer produced by poultry farm is produced using a unique technology based on aerobic solid phase fermentation of feedstock (with carbon containing materials of plant origin (sawdust, straw, etc) when the fermented mixture is exposed to forced air.

The resulting fermentation products have an increased level of nutritional value and environmental friendliness, and meet the requirements for fertilizers

  • there are no pathogenic and disease causing organisms
  • mass fraction of total nitrogen is not less than 0 7
  • mass fraction of total phosphorus, in terms of P 2 O 5 not less than 0 5
  • mass fraction of total potassium, in terms of K 2 O, not less than 0 3
  • organic matter on dry matter not less than 50

Contains fermented poultry manure. Also contains nitrogene, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, sulphur, zinc, copper, boron, cobalt, molybdenum and oat hulls.

  • It significantly increases crop productivity and vital power of plants;
  • Provides good taste and size of fruits in accordance with the grading factors of plants;
  • Does not lead to nitrate accumulation in fruits and berries;
  • It is guaranteed not to contain weed seeds, pest larvae and pathogenic microorganisms;
  • The nutrients are in easily accessible by plants chelate forms;
  • Safe for plants even in case of overdosing;
  • Stimulates an early awakening of plants in springtime and quickly restores the levels of nutrients that plants consumed in winter period;
  • In summer period provides additional flower and fruit bud sets and covers nutrient requirement peak during the period of green mass growth, blossoming and fruit ripening;
  • In autumn period it improves the soil structure to provide root system preservation during the winter season;

The resulting organic fertilizer is a valuable product, only the main advantages of which include the following:

  • contains all the nutrients, organic substances and microelements necessary for plants that stimulate their development;
  • nutrients included in its composition are completely up to 95% absorbed by plants (from mineral fertilizers, plants absorb 5 15% of nutrients);
  • has a long aftereffect within 2 3 years;
  • does not contain harmful microorganisms and weed seeds;
  • increases plant resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases (late blight, scab, root rot, fusariosis)
  • restores the humus layer of the soil;
  • upon skin contact does not have a harmful effect on the human body;
  • non toxic, fire safe.

The production capacities of the enterprise allow producing up to 600 tons of fertilizer monthly.

Ingredients: bird droppings — 93%, organic filler (oat husks, straw, sawdust) — 7%.

Chemical composition of fertilizer
Nitrogen, %4,8%
Potassium, %5%
Phosphorus, %9%
Organic matter, %60−80

Recommended by the Primorsky Vegetable Experimental Station of the Research Institute of Vegetable Growing, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Сontact person -Milenina Veronika +7 924 433 4001 veromille007@gmail.com

Certificate of state registration № 4203 from 12.10.2023