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Chicken egg is a source of beauty and health

Many centuries ago, people believed that eating eggs gave them strength and health. Modern scientists and doctors agree with them. The egg is the crown of the creation of nature, one of the most valuable foodstuffs. It deserves to be known as much as possible about it.

One of the secrets of the beneficial properties of eggs is the presence of iron in the yolk, which has a beneficial effect on the formation of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. By the way, it is iron that helps a person fight fatigue and bad mood.

Another secret of chicken eggs is their content of essential amino acids and complete protein, unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin, vitamins A, D and E, carotenoids and many other beneficial microelements. Thus, eggs have a beneficial effect on our nervous system, strengthen bones and teeth, and improve vision.

Chicken eggs are among the essential foods. They are included in the consumer basket of almost every Russian, so this product is present in most retail outlets. Eggs are a unique product and do not have direct substitute products, therefore, in any case, eggs should be tasty and undoubtedly healthy. True, it is worth remembering that only fresh eggs have these useful properties, and only a local producer whose enterprise is located in close proximity to the points of sale can supply a really fresh egg to the shelves. For example, Ussuriyskaya Poultry Farm, which has been operating on the market for more than a year and is famous for the quality of its products.

Categories in eggs, how to figure it out?

Do you get a stupor in the store when you see different packages of eggs? They are all beautiful: yellow, green, pink. But what is the difference? What package of eggs should I take?

According to current Russian standards, depending on the quality and shelf life, chicken eggs are divided into table and diet eggs. Diet eggs include eggs stored for no more than 7 days, not counting the day of laying, table eggs are stored for 25 days, and in the refrigerator — 120 days. The category of the egg is indicated by the first letter in the marking, which is affixed to each egg:

  • Letter «D» means a dietary egg, such eggs are sold within 7 days.
  • Letter «С» denotes a table egg, which is sold within 25 days. However, despite the marking «C», during the first seven days from the moment of production, the egg is considered dietary.

The second sign in the marking means the category of the egg depending on its mass:

  • Third category (3) — от 35 до 44,9 г.
  • Second category (2) — от 45 до 54,9 г.
  • First category (1) — от 55 до 64,9 г.
  • Choice Egg (O) — от 65 до 74,9 г.
  • Highest category (B) — 75 г и более.

Thus, the marking «CB» is indicated on the table eggs of the highest category, and «D1» — on the dietary eggs of the first category.

Accordingly, the difference in the type of packaging depends on the category of the egg. The employees of the poultry farm carefully sort the eggs in accordance with GOST 31654−2012.

In total, Ussuriyskaya Poultry Farm produces eggs of five categories: (O) — Selected egg 65−75g, (C-1) — First category 55−65g, (C2) — Second category 45−55g. And also the Highest category 75−85gr (B) packaging is marked in the style of SUPER MEGA eggs and the rarest, elite egg from 85 gr.

For you we produce:

Chicken egg
85 gr

Chicken egg
Top category
75−85 gr

Chicken egg
Choice category (О)
65 -75 gr

Chicken egg
First category (С1)
55 -65 gr

Chicken egg from a young hen
Second category (С2)
45 -55 gr

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