Poultry meat

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Chicken meat — one of the important components of a healthy diet. A source of high-quality, easily digestible proteins, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, an indispensable material for the growth and functioning of any organism, the basis for the prevention of a number of diseases, plus great taste — this is not a complete list of the benefits of chicken meat in your diet.

The choice of high-quality and safe and at the same time tasty and healthy products is a matter of strategic importance, because, despite the current variety on store shelves, it is far from always possible to find proven products. Where to find a reliable manufacturer and how not to make a mistake with the choice? Try the products of the Ussuri Poultry Farm — after all, our task is to provide consumers with high-quality and useful products at reasonable prices. Our company carefully monitors the diet of poultry, choosing for her exclusively high-quality and balanced food without food dyes and GMOs. All products are manufactured in compliance with technological and sanitary standards. When choosing the Ussuriyskaya Poultry Farm, you choose excellent products from chicken meat — this product does not contain either growth hormones or GMOs.

We produce for you:

Meat products:

  • Carcasses of chickens of the 1st grade gutted frozen
  • Carcasses of chickens of the 2nd grade gutted frozen
  • Carcasses of Chickens «Homemade» frozen
  • Carcasses of roosters of the 1st grade gutted frozen
  • Carcasses of roosters of the 2st grade gutted frozen


  • chicken liver
  • Chicken stomachs cleaned
  • Frozen chicken legs
  • Frozen chicken heads
  • Frozen chicken necks